Home at last!

We found it! After six months and 20+ states we finally found a new home.
Consider this the first post on the next leg of our great adventure.
For this one I’ll just give you some straight up facts to FAQS
Where: Florence, CO
What: 35.2 acres of high desert, with 3 ravines and very little else.
But isn’t Colorado cold?: Not in this small area in the south. In winter the average daily high is about 50 – about 10° warmer then NY. Nights are cold but days are warm.
What did you get: Mostly land. Some of the most lovely land you’ll every see. And a super tiny cabin that we’re living in right now.
What do you do now: we apply for a permit to get a well & hopefully get a well; and we try to get power (most likely solar). Then build a house.

You can see videos of the property below (CO property 2) and here is the tiny cabin.